SEN Style Guide

SEN has a style (which is somewhat loosely enforced :). When we receive your article, we re-format it to fit the SEN style. We have expressed this style by writing a Style Guide. We present the Style Guide in 3 manners: as an HTML document, as a LaTex stylesheet, and as which is presented as a Word document (in various formats ).

If you're submiting in Word format, then one essential aspect of the SEN layout process is applying the correct Word "style" to each element, such as headers and labels and text - we do NOT use the default Word styles! To make this easy for you, we also set up the Style Guide as a Word Document Template (DOT) file; just drop that file into your Office Template folder and then when you select File, New... in Word you'll see a SEN document type. Select that, and you will get the style guide as a new, unnamed, document. When you save your document, you'll be prompted for a new name.


Style Guides

Remember - the closer you stay to the guidelines, the less damage the Production Editor will do to your article while trying to get it laid out, so give it a try!


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